Sarzi Lamiere was founded in 1975 by Franco Sarzi Amadè.

Its activity, which was initially based on manufacturing for third parties, offered services such as shearing, calendaring and welding to the engineering sector, mainly for the construction of agricultural storage tanks and heating oil and diesel fuel tanks.
In 1978 Sarzi Lamiere, although still a family-run business, became a joint-stock company turning more and more towards innovation and the diversification of its product range.

Over years and generations, our company has developed and evolved, thereby attracting new customers. Thanks to substantial investments from year to year, our activity has succeeded nationally.

Since 2000 we work in partnership with a valuable trade agent as our representative beyond the Alps, while a significant turning point was the purchase of our first laser cutting machine and tube bending machine, which marked the start of our relations with the automotive sector.

Sarzi Lamiere S.p.A. had officially appeared on the international market with that initial shyness, typical of the very first relations with foreign partners, which was soon wiped off by both business enthusiasm and strong interactions with new customers.
Our company always stands out for its attention to innovation and avant-garde technologies. This, paired with outstanding skills and strong ties with local suppliers, contributed to our success up to the third generation, up to now.

Today Sarzi Lamiere reaches out on a surface of 64 000 m2, 14 000 of which indoor, and profits from its strategic location among major materials and tools suppliers, as well as nearby motorway junctions. Exports amount to the 80% of the sales volume, mostly, but not exclusively, towards European countries such as Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, the Czech Republic and Poland, whereas overseas exports are gaining momentum. However, we keep up our interest for the national market, which is slowly recovering from a downturn period.
We mainly work for the automotive, agricultural machinery and earthmoving sectors, as well as for the automation industry in general.

As new targets and challenges are on the agenda, we stay curious and open-minded, yet grounded on our expertise, know-how and flexibility, while always trying to be ahead of times and competitors.